Activities with Grandchildren

Best Games to Play with Your Family

Looking for some fun games to play with the kids? We tested out some games and came up with a list of our favorites.

4 of the Best Things to Do with Your Grandkids

These are the only 4 things you need to do with your grandkids. They will cover just about every activity you do together.

Fun Things to Do with Grandkids

Here is a list of things that were suggested by kids to do with their grandparents both online and off line.


27 Awesome Grandparent’s Day Activities to Connect Your Family

We have lots of ideas for Grandparent’s Day to bring your family together.

Halloween S’care’ Packages for Your Grandkids

Check out these fun Halloween packages that you can send to your long distance grandchildren, or the locals ones if you want.

13 Non-Candy Treats for Halloween

Think the grandkids are getting too much sugar lately? Try these 13 suggestions for treats that don’t involve candy.

Halloween Social Distancing Ideas

These ideas were great during the pandemic, but now they can still add to your Halloween celebrations.

5 Movie-Themed Parties to Have with Grandkids

What’s better than watching kid movies around the holidays? Creating a whole party around the movie and partying with the kids.

Best Non-Electronic Toys for Your Grandkids

Sometimes you want to buy something for your grandkids that will spark their imagination without screens.

10 Fantastic Valentine’s Ideas for Kids

Find some fun Valentine’s Day ideas to entertain the grandkids

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Grandkids

Here are some fun things to do with the grandkids to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

MLK Day: An Opportunity for Service with Your Grandkids

Did you know that there is a tradition of serving on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?

Creating Easter Traditions for Families

Creating traditions around holidays are often the glue that helps families create lasting bonds.

Finding Christ Easter Egg Hunt

Christ is the reason for this season. We have a special Easter Egg hunt to find Him.

Easter Games & Activities for Grandkids

Holidays are so much fun! We have some fun Easter games and activities in this post.

Seeking Christ – The Very Best Christmas Tradition

Read about an amazing story of finding Christ in a very unusual setting.

The Bouquet of Me – A Mother’s Day Art Project

This collaborative art project is presented by a group of grandmas as they create this beautiful bouquet with their grandchildren.

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Watch for something new coming your way.

Long Distance Ideas

15 Ways to Be an Awesome Long Distance Grandparent

Being a long distant grandparent is not always easy. We have some suggestions to make it easier for you.

15 Games to Play Over Skype (or other video chat)

When you’re a long distance grandparent, you need fun ways to stay connected. Try some of these games to play over video chat.

Technology for Grandparents: Tips for Living Far Away from Grandchildren

Find some new ways to connect with long distance grandchildren and discover tips for keeping your grandkids’ attention when you’re talking to them over the computer.

Seasonal Fun

Boredom Busters for Grandma’s House

As much as we love having our grandchildren around, they sometimes get bored. Do you have Plan B to spice things up when they do?

Celebrating Fall: Fun & Games for the Grandkids

Fall can be such a fun time of year. Find some fun and games to share with your grandkids.

When the Grandkids Go Back to School

Grandparents can offer extra support to their grandchildren’s school experience in many ways that you may not have thought about.

Fun at the Farmer’s Market with Grandkids

Ever thought of taking your grandkids to the local farmer’s market? You’ll be surprised at just how much fun this can be!

Life Lessons from the Garden, Part 1

There are a lot of life lessons to be learned while working together in a garden. See if you have ever thought about any of these and get some of our favorite recipes.

Life Lessons from the Garden, Part 2

We couldn’t get all them all into one post, so you can read the continuation of these insightful life lessons as you play in the garden with the grandkids in Part 2.

The Secret to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Do you make New Year’s resolutions only to break most or all of them by about the end of January? We have the secret to making those resolutions last more than a few weeks.

The Best Skinny Hot Chocolate

Those cooler months bring a craving for a steaming cup of hot cocoa in your favorite mug. Try our “skinny” version so you can enjoy more of it guilt free.

Snowy White Popcorn

Need an easy treat for an office party, church social, family gathering or a movie night with the grandkids? This popcorn is a fun, festive treat that’s a crowd pleaser!

Leave Your Legacy

Grandparent Storytellers

Our stories will likely live on longer than we will. . .but only if we tell them. We need to make sure we tell our stories to our family so our legacy will live on.

Write Your Life Story – the Story of YOU!

It’s so important to write down all the things that make us who we are and the things we want to pass on to our posterity.

27 Awesome Grandparent’s Day Activities

We have lots of ideas for Grandparent’s Day to bring your family together.

Traveling with Grandkids

Traveling with Grandkids

Whether you’re going across the country or just across town, we have some great tips for making traveling with your grandkids easy peasy.

Planning a Trip to Disneyland

Planning a trip to Disneyland with the grandkids? Here are some tips to making it fun for everyone.

Beating the Disneyland Crowds

Worried about the big crowds at Disneyland? We have some tips for beating those big, crazy Disneyland crowds.