Everyday Connections with Grandkids

Relationships with Grandkids & Adult Children

Do Grandchildren Lose Interest in Their Grandparents?

Most grandparents worry that the day will come when their grandchildren will lose interest in being with them.

Talking to Teenage Grandchildren

Ever wondered about how to get your teen grandchild to open up and have a conversation? We have some tips.

10 Commandments for Grandparents

Do you know how to strike that delicate balance with your adult children? With many years of experience, we have the answers.

My House, My Rules: Discipline at Grandma’s House

It’s tough to walk the line of discipline between what the parents want and what you want when the grandkids are in your home.

The Birth of a Grandchild: Grandma in the Delivery Room

One of the most privileged things you will do as a grandma is to be in the delivery room when your grandchild is born. Read about one grandmother’s experience.

How Grandparents Can Support When Kids Go Back to School

Grandparents can offer extra support to their grandchildren’s school experience in many ways that you may not have thought about.

Grandparents as Babysitters

Grandparents who are willing and able to babysit their grandchildren can be a blessing, but there are some rules. . .

Top 5 Questions About Becoming a Grandparent

These are our top 5 questions that we get asked about becoming a new grandparent. See if you have these same concerns.

Big Family Gatherings and Special Needs Grandchildren

Do you have a special needs grandchild? If so, then you know that big family gatherings can be a challenge. We have some ideas on how to navigate those events.

Life Lessons from the Garden, Part 1

There are a lot of life lessons to be learned while working together in a garden. See if you have ever thought about any of these and get some of our favorite recipes.

Life Lessons from the Garden, Part 2

We couldn’t get all them all into one post, so you can read the continuation of these insightful life lessons as you play in the garden with the grandkids in Part 2.

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Birthday/Gift Ideas for Grandchildren

Finding Legos for Less for Grandkid Gifts

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to find Lego bricks and sets at a discount? We’ll show you how to do just that!

Creative Ways to Give Money Gifts to Grandkids

Sometimes money is the perfect gift for your grandkids, and we have some great ways for you to dress it up.

Unique Gifts for Teenage Grandchildren

Let’s face it, buying gifts for teenage grandchildren is hard. We’ve got some ideas that just might make it a bit easier.

The Best Subscription Boxes for Grandkids

Buying subscription boxes or programs can be the gift that keeps on giving even after the special occasion is over.

Non-electronic Gifts for Grandkids

Do you get tired of of the grandkids having their nose stuck in their screens? Here are some suggestions for alternate gifts.

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